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  • 203 Stormline Stormtex Air Jacket
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Stormline Stormtex-Air Lightweight Wet Weather Jacket


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    The Stormline jacket - Stormtex-Air 203 - is a lightweight, wet weather jacket designed for aquaculture, agriculture and commercial workplaces. It is a must-have wet weather gear for Tasmania’s unpredictable weather.

    The raglan arm sleeve on the Stormline jacket is designed to be comfortable, with the 320 gsm PVC/PU being the perfect balance between weight and durability.

    Stormline Jacket, Stormtex-Air 203, wet weather gear features:

    Full-length heavy-duty reinforced plastic YKK zip

    When you’re wearing bulky gloves you don’t want to have to pause, remove them just to fiddle around with the zip on your jacket… there are other things to be getting on with. We consider the YKK zip a vital feature on this wet weather jacket, plus the fact it uses reinforced plastic and is heavy-duty means it’s not going to break and ruin the whole jacket

    Velcro storm flap and elastic cuffs for waterproof protection and comfort

    Stormline don’t compromise on comfort for any of their waterproof fabrics. If you work in tough conditions that means the waterproof materials you’re wearing have to be too. Our storm flap is a crucial part of the wet weather work gear and plays an important role in protecting you while the cuffs can be tweaked to give you a more bespoke feel and to increase water resistance.

    Drawstring hood

    Should the wind pick up, our waterproof jacket features a very handy drawstring that can be pulled to fit more snugly around your head. Complete with watertight protection, it’s a good option and something to fall back on in case the weather becomes wet and windy!

    Angled pockets for easy access – Never worry about finding your pockets again, this waterproof jacket features pockets that have been stitched at an angle. The angled patch pockets mean you can keep things like your phone and other essential items in there and can access them quickly.

    Longer back for added water protection

    Your job is an active one, you’re constantly on the move, bending down, picking stuff up. You need wet weather work gear that is going to adapt to that and move with you. A tricky balance some might say, but these Stormline Jackets make sure no amount of rain will get to you thanks to the extended back.

    Raglan sleeves 

    Sewed right up to the collar, the raglan sleeves are important because it gives the user a greater range of movement.

    Neon for hi-visibility

    These reflective decals on the outer layer of the Stormline waterproof jacket will ensure you’re seen by your colleagues. The Stormtex-Air 203 Wet Weather Stormline Jacket is designed for durability without compromising on comfort, something workers in all industries will greatly appreciate.

    For more safety workwear near you, explore the extensive range of wet weather jackets, saferty boots, and comfortable workwear at Tasweld.

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