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  • Siebe Gorman P2 Mask
  • Siebe P2
PPE Respiratory SKU: LDABP2-02

Siebe Gorman Helix Wool Filter P2 Disposable Mask - Twin Pack


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    **  TWO MASKS PER PACK - $15.00 PER PACK  **

    General Description:

    The Siebe Gorman P2 Disposable Respirator incorporates the Helix™ filter system that uses scientifically selected wool fibres from a special breed of sheep.

    The Helix™wool filter mask is the most breathable mask designed to offer a high level of protection to capture harmful particulate matter that can be damaging to your lungs.


    *   Complies to AS/NZ 1716:2012

    *   Removes more than PM 2.5 Micron Particles

    *   Made using natural wool * Helix™ high performance filter

    * Easy breathing, low resistance

    * Naturally fire resistant

    * Naturally resistant to bacteria

    * Superior Electrostatic properties

    Materials Used:

    *  Filter                 -  Natural wool fibre

    *  Nose Support  -   Silicone

    *  Nose Clip         -   Flexible PP

    *  Nose Support  -   Silicone

    *  Straps              -   Polypropylene

    * Outer Fabric     -   Non-Woven


    *   Bush Fire Smoke Haze

    *   Bacteria & air-borne matter

     *   Anti-Pollution


    Should the disposable P2 respirator become difficult to breath through, dirty or damaged. Leave the contaminated area, remove mask and replace with a clean new respirator mask. 

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