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  • Bluevenom Xf200 P Lhs Resized
  • Bluevenom Xf200 P Group Resized
Welding Equipment SKU: W1400200

Cigweld Blue Venom XF200P3 Single Phase Pulse Welder


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    • Multiprocess MIG/STICK/TIG-DC-LIFT
    • 3 x welding processes with 3 x Pulse processes MIG, MIG-Pulse (Single & Double) STICK, STICK-PULSE TIG-DC-LIFT, TIG-DC-PULSE
    • Welding current range: 10-200A Synergic MIG with QuickSet plate thickness settings
    • Welds up to 12 mm steel plate thickness.
    • Suitable for use with 230/240V x 15A upgraded power
    • Digital 3.5” full colour LCD screen for simple intuitive setting
    • Opti-Start – soft & hard starting adjustable.

    Machine, MIG gun preset for welding aluminium, spare steel MIG gun liner, work lead and clamp, twist lock electrode holder and lead, 3 x feed rolls, gas regulator-flowmeter, argon gas hose, inlet guide for hard wires and operating manual

    • Suitable to run; add-on spool gun | standard on-off TIG torch or dial control TIG torch

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