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Cigweld Cutskill 35A Plasma Cutter


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    Incorporating the latest in plasma cutting technology, the Cigweld CutSkill 35 Plasma Cutter is easily controlled with a single operating knob. Decide if you want your torch set to manual or latch mode, whether you’re cutting flat plate or grid plate, adjust your current and you’re ready to cut! All actions are clearly displayed on the 2.8″ colour LCD screen.

    Coming standard with the new Cigweld CutSkill 60A Plasma Torch, the CutSkill 35 clean cuts up to 12mm mild steel and up to 10mm stainless steel – all whilst running off a 10amp plug! Simply plug into to any standard household powerpoint and begin cutting!

    For ease of use, the regulator is internal and air through the torch is managed automatically by the plasma unit. This removes the need to adjust air pressure for individual cutting requirements.

    Cigweld Cutskill 35A Plasma Cutter Features:

    • Fitted with a 10amp plug
    • Clan cuts 12mm mild steel
    • 2.8” colour LCD screen
    • Easily select and change settings with an intuitive interface
    • Removable air filter with purging valve
    • Detachable 60amp 5m plasma cutting torch
    • 3-year warranty

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