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  • Cutskill Tradesman Oxy Acet Cutting Welding Kit
Welding Equipment SKU: 208001

Cutskill Tradesman Oxy/Acet Cutting & Welding Kit


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    The CutSkill Tradesman gas cutting and welding kit has been designed for general purpose oxygen – acetylene cutting and welding applications. As with all gas equipment manufactured by Victor Technologies, the items in this kit have been carefully designed to provide the highest quality and to ensure they comply with stringent Australian Standards where applicable.

    Kit includes:

    • Oxygen Regulator
    • Acetylene Regulator
    • Oxy/Acetylene Gas Hose 5m
    • Blowpipe
    • Cutting Attachment
    • Mixer
    • Cutting Nozzle Size 8
    • Cutting Nozzle Size 12
    • Cutting Nozzle Size 15
    • Welding Tip Size 8
    • Welding Tip Size 12
    • Welding Tip Size 15
    • Goggles – Standard
    • Combination Spanner
    • Tip Cleaner
    • Flint Lighter
    • Heavy Duty Toolbox

    For more acetylene and oxy welders and gas cutting equipment, visit Tasweld. We are your go to location for welding supplies near you.

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