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  • Weldmatic 270
Welding Equipment SKU: CP146-1

WIA Weldmatic 270 Remote Welding Package


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    The Weldmatic 270 is the most powerful WIA single phase MIG welding machine. Ideal for light to medium industrial fabrication and rural workshops the 270 outperforms its competition when it comes to welding performance. Packed with professional features you’d expect in an industrial 3 phase MIG machine, the 270 is for serious welders who want results.

    Featuring a Fan-on-Demand™ cooling system, the Weldmatic 270 improves efficiency, reduces maintenance and provides a safer working environment. Built with quality components and manufactured with 3 years warranty, the Weldmatic 270 can withstand tough Australian conditions.

    • 270 A single phase MIG welder
    • 270 A at 27.5 V 20% Duty Cycle
    • Fan-on-Demand™ Cooling Fan - Reduces noise, energy use and contaminates
    • Built-In Thermal Protection - Prevents the machine from operating beyond its safe thermal zone
    • Arc Start - modifies arc starting condition, wire accelerates at different speed depending on application
    • Four geared wire drive - Provides a consistent, smooth, and strong drive for a variety of wires
    • Burn Back - Controls how far the wire burns back to the tip on completion of the welding operation
    • Spot Timer - Provides short weld times for repetitive spot welds
    • Creep Mode - Provides slow wire speed until weld starts - ideal for aluminium starts
    • Suitable wires - Gas-shielded and gasless flux-cored wires
    • Spool capacity - Takes 5kg and 15kg spools
    • IP21S rated - For environmental/safety protection
    • Generator compatible - 13.5 kVa

    *For full rated output a 32 A plug is required with a 32 A circuit breaker.


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