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PPE Disposable Clothing

Here at Tasweld Tasmania we know there are a great number of reasons you may need disposable PPE clothing instead of reusable heavy duty PPE. Disposable PPE is used in environments where sterile conditions must be maintained or when working directly with hazardous substances or materials. It may be in use at building sites, hospitals, in food preparation or anywhere there could be hazardous or contaminating material. At Tasweld Tasmania we stock everything from coveralls and aprons to masks and hairnets. Whether you are protecting yourself or others from injury or illness or if you are working in a potentially hazardous environment you must wear PPE. When choosing appropriate disposable clothing PPE there are a few important things to consider. First, is the PPE appropriate for your specific workplace, not much point wearing a hairnet to a build site.

Second, does it fit? much of our disposable PPE comes in bulk so if it's used by multiple people it's important to ensure it fits as you may need multiple sizes.

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