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PPE Respiratory

We all know the worksite can be hazardous, at Tasweld Tasmania we want to make sure you are protected against all hazards. Even the ones you might not see or think about. You need respiratory PPE if you are working with or around hazardous or infectious chemicals or materials. Exposure to certain chemicals and materials can cause permanent damage to your health. Luckily at Tasweld Tasmania we stock a large range of respiratory PPE, from basic disposable face masks to full face reusable respiratory masks. We also stock replacement filters for gasses or particulates, because your lungs are your most important asset. You might not know the damage that certain chemicals or hazardous particulates have done until it's too late and you've already breathed them in. So be proactive and prevent the damage in the first place, it might not affect you much now but your future self will be grateful you made the effort.

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